Channel Modification

Hardy Creek Spawning and Rearing Channel

The project will construct a new spawning channel on Hardy Creek to maximize chum spawning habitat above the mean annual flood stage of the Columbia River. The project will double the amount of spawning habitat available to chum salmon in the river and will be protected from the sedimentation effects of frequent flooding. The project will excavate a berm and install a pipe to transport water beneath the railroad tracks & adjacent to the creek. Diverted flows from the creek will provide the necessary hydrology for the new channel.

Crims Island Restoration

Land acquisition was completed by the Columbia Land Trust and subsequently transferred to the Julia Butler Hansen National Wildlife Refuge. The purchase included 473 acres of off-channel tidal, riparian, and upland black cottonwood habitats. Phase 1 restoration included tidal reconnection and replantings on 193 acres of this acquired parcel. The project was funded by the Bonneville Power Administration and United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Ramsey Wetland Complex Off-Channel Habitat Design and Restoration

The Ramsey Wetland project removes two collapsed culverts, an earthen dam, and extensive fill and riprap to reclaim critical off-channel habitat for federally listed fish and wildlife species.  Additional activities include installing large wood, excavating channel and backwater habitat, and re-planting native riparian vegetation.  The project is located along the Columbia Slough, 1.3 miles upstream from the confluence with the Willamette River.  The 2.6-acre historic floodplain wetland habitat has been adversely impacted by land use activities throughout the past century.