Habitat Restoration Project Funding

The Estuary Partnership secures and distributes funding to support habitat restoration projects. We have worked with more than 100 partners to protect or restore over 18,000 acres of habitat in the lower Columbia River and estuary. Bonneville Power Administration is the primary funder of our Habitat Restoration program, with additional funds being provided through NOAA’s Community-based Restoration Program and EPA’s Targeted Watersheds Grant Program, as these become available.
We currently offer two types of project funding: 1) Design and Implementation, and 2) Technical Assistance. Please read below for details. If you are unsure which type of funding is best suited for your project, contact Catherine Corbett at 503-226-1565 x240 or ccorbett@estuarypartnership.org.

Design and Implementation Project Funding

The main objective of this solicitation is to identify salmonid restoration and protection projects in the Columbia River and its connecting systems. The Bonneville Power Administration's Fish and Wildlife Program supports restoration projects to improve the access and quality of rearing and spawning habitat for juvenile salmonids. These projects help satisfy mitigation requirements established in the 2008 Biological Opinion for the Federal Columbia River Power System.

Design and Implementation Project funds can be used to support multiple phases of restoration projects including planning and design, permitting, and implementation.  Details are as follows:

  • Eligibility: Federal agencies and private individuals are ineligible. Most other are qualified to apply (see announcement for details).
  • Amounts: Awards are expected to range between $50,000 and $500,000, though all requests that meet the funding criteria will be considered. Matching funds are not required.
  • Project Location: The Columbia River and its tributaries within the area of contemporary tidal influence.

Parties interested in applying for Design and Implementation Project funding are directed to the application documents located in the sidebar at the right of this page. The funding announcement outlines the application process and lists the deadline date for an application to be considered in the next available round of project selections. To be considered for funding, project objectives must align with review criteria established by both the Estuary Partnership and the Expert Regional Technical Group (ERTG). ERTG determines to what extent restoration projects satisfy mitigation requirements included in the 2008 Biological Opinion for the Federal Columbia River Power System, to which this funding opportunity is linked.  Both of these review criteria are included in the set of documents on the right.

Applications for Design and Implementation Project funding may be submitted at any time. The Estuary Partnership's Project Review Committee reviews applications and selects projects three times each year; in January/February, April/May, and October/November. Applications are reviewed during the next available Review Committee selection process from when the application was received.

Habitat Restoration Design and Implementation Project Application
Habitat Restoration Application Budget Template
Estuary Partnership Review Criteria
ERTG Landscape Principles Document
ERTG Scoring Criteria
Completed Project Application Example

Technical Assistance Project Funding

The Estuary Partnership's Technical Assistance Program helps to provide upfront funding and technical assistance necessary for developing habitat restoration projects up to a 30% design level. This program is funded through an award with the Bonneville Power Administration. It provides funding to develop, design and implement larger and more complex projects. Funds may be used to initiate concept designs, collect baseline data, access engineering, hydrology, and geotechnical expertise, and for other purposes.

Up to $70,000 may be awarded for technical assistance requests. Parties interested in applying for Technical Assistance Project funding should download and complete the funding application, available here: 

Technical Assistance Project Funding Application

Technical Assistance Projects are selected on a rolling basis.

For all questions regarding both Design and Implementation and Technical Assistance Project funding opportunities, please contact Catherine Corbett at 503-226-1565 x240 or ccorbett@estuarypartnership.org.