Pekin Ferry on the Lewis River boat ramp + camping

Pekin Ferry is a multi use site with a boat ramp, camping, playground, swimming, a disc golf course, events, and other services. They have an excellent website that includes information on events - which may close the boat ramp. Additional information below comes from their website: From their website : "Pekin Ferry has a 9 hole advanced disc golf course, as well as river front swimming access and a boat launch. Day passes will cover parking for one vehicle and access to these amenities. Launch fees are included in parking, see pricing below. Be aware that launch and parking are closed for

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Martin WDFW Boat Ramp

A small one-lane boat ramp on the Lewis River with adundant parking in a large gravel lot. The one-lane ramp provides easy access to the Lewis River at River Mile 3. Use requires a Washington State Discover Pass ($10.00 daily or $30.00 annual). Passes are not available at the site.

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Hayes Road Bridge Shore Launch

The Hayes Road Bridge Shore Launch is an informal shore launch just upstream of the E. CC St. bridge on the North Fork Lewis River in Woodland, WA. The site exists within the right of way of Hayes Road. The large gravel parking area can can accomodate at least 12 vehicles. The slope to the water's edge can be steep and eroded at low water levels. In general the launch varies significantly depending on how high water levels are in the North Fork Lewis River. There are no restroom facilities, no required fees, no posted hours, and no signage identifying the site as an access site. Photos: all

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John Pollock Water Trail Park

On the south shore of the East Fork Lewis River, the public right of way of Pollock Road exends along the river edge to allow a gravel surfaced launch site. Currently there are no official parking or restroom facilities and no parking or launch fees. In June 2017, the City of La Center re-developed the site to enhance non-motorized boat access and improve parking and restroom facilities. Photos are from April 2017 when the site was closed because of high water. Post-construction photos to come.

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La Center Shore Launch/Timmen's Landing

The La Center Shore Launch is a small, shore launch just downstream of the La Center Bridge over the East Fork Lewis River. The site has room for about four cars in a gravel parking area. Turn right off of La Center Road just after passing the bridge into the Breeze Creek Trailhead parking area. Stay to the right on the access road that run underneath the bridge for a very short drive to the site. At the parking area, there is a small kiosk with interpretive signage and a couple of benches. Interpretive signage refers to the site as Timmen's Landing. The site is within walking distance of La

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Morgan Landing Shore Launch

The NW Lancaster Road right of way extends into the Lewis River just upstream of the railroad bridge crossing the Lewis River. The end of the pavement creates an abrubt at the launch that can be difficult to launch and land non-motorized boats at differing water levels. A gate exists at the site that warns that "trespassing on railway property is illegal." It is unclear whether the gate is closed at time. Non-motorized boaters should be careful to stay within the Lancaster Road right of way. IMPORTANT - this site has private property on either side of the road and there is NO PARKING at the

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Vancouver Lake WDFW Shore Launch

At the southern end of Vancouver Lake, the end of La Frambois Road leads through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's Shillapoo Wildlife Area to the shallow waters of the Lake. A paved parking area with a pit toilet provides access to the game lands and parking for up to 40 vehicles with trailers. A gravel lane leads to the lake with a large gravel turnaround near the approximate shoreline. A Discover Pass ($10/day or $30/year) or fishing/hunting license is required for parking and launch access. Discover Passes are not available at the site. The launch is unimproved - and subject

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Estuary Partnership Seeks Conservation Property Appraisal Services


The Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership is requesting proposals to conduct before/after appraisals on four conservation properties near Washougal, WA. The full RFP is here: Estuary Partnership Conservation Property Appraisal RFP The Estuary Partnership has issued an addendum (Addendum 01) to the Estuary Partnership Conservation Property Appraisal RFP. The addendum answers questions about the RFP. Some important details: -Questions regarding this RFP must be submitted by 4:00 pm on Friday, July 7, 2017. -Proposals must be submitted to the Estuary Partnership no later than 4:00 pm on Friday, July

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Salt Hotel and Pub

The Salt Hotel and Pub is located in the Port of Ilwaco business district on Howerton Avenue. From their website : "Salt is an ideal place for your coastal adventure. Simple, modern rooms to rest and relax. Onsite pub, overlooking the Ilwaco harbor, serving local beer and seasonal food. "Minutes from nature in every direction. To the North: 5 min from the Seaview Beach Approach & 7 min from the tourist town of Long Beach. To the South: literally 15 ft from the Port of Ilwaco & mouth of the Columbia River. To the East: 17 min from Fort Columbia State park & 24 min from Astoria. To the West: 2

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Svensen Boat Ramp and Park - Puget Island

A relatively new one-lane boat ramp located on the south side of Puget Island on West Sunny Sands Road. The site provides multiple entry options - beach, dock, and ramp. The site is downriver (west) of the Wahkiakum County Ferry which connects Westport, Oregon and Puget Island, Washington. (A bridge connects Puget Island to Cathlamet.) The site is owned and operated by the Port of Wahkiakum No. 2 - the same port that operates Skamokawa Vista Park and County Line Park. Canoe and kayak launching is inexpensive - $2.00. Can be busy during fishing season. Safety notes: Launch goes into the

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