Non-Estuary Partnership Projects

Habitat Restoration projects which are conducted by local restoration partners, and which no funds are contributed by the Estuary Partnership. Major restoration partners include CREST, the Columbia Land Trust, Ash Creek Forest Management, Scappoose Bay Watershed Council, City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board, Washington and Oregon states, as well as several others. The Partnership attempts to maintain relevant information for these projects, however much of the project details still need to be acquired. For more detailed information about Habitat Restoration in the Lower Columbia River and Estuary, visit the Partnership's Habitat Restoration web page at

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Dairy Creek 1135 - Sturgeon Lake

This project aims to improve water circulation in Sturgeon Lake.  The improvements to water circulation in Sturgeon Lake will improve access to the lake for juvenile salmon and trout from the Columbia River, providing seasonal over-wintering and rearing habitat.  The project would also reduce the sedimentation occurring in the lake and may enhance water quality by flushing out nutrients and bacteria.

Multnomah Channel Natural Area

Metro owned sites along Multnomah Channel and Columbia River near Portland. Water control structure was installed in 2001. Subsequently, the Estuary Partnership coordinated a small workshop with landowner, OPRD, NOAA, ODFW, WMSWCD and others on fish access to sites with flow control structures in this immediate vicinity.  EP is investigating potential for fish passage improvement project to this 200 acre floodplain pond/wetland at Multnomah Channel Natural Area