Lower Columbia River Habitat Restoration Inventory

As called out in our Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership maintains a database of habitat restoration activity that has occurred in and around the lower Columbia floodplain. Data for completed, (and anticipated, soon to be completed projects) is now viewable in an online map application, accessible below.  Some key highlights, and tips for using the map include the following:

  • Most layers are turned off initially. Use buttons at top right to toggle additional layers and to view map legend for visible layers.

  • Most layers will not display when map is zoomed out beyond a certain scale. To enable display, zoom in.

  • Use other buttons to enable additional tools. Hovering mouse over any button will display its function.

  • Click any visible feature to open a pop-up window with attribute information, photo attachments, and links to additional reports and information (if available).

  • Project location points link to a related table of all project phases for that given location. Project phase information is viewable in a separate pop-up window by clicking 'Related Tables', or in the attribute table at the bottom.

  • In addition to information directly tied to restoration, ancillary layers which can help inform habitat restoration are also viewable in the map.

  • For metadata about the map and all included layers, click here


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