Ecosystem Monitoring Program

Franz Lake

The main goal of the Ecosystem Monitoring Program is to collect baseline information on habitats used by migrating salmon. Research began in 2011 and focuses on five minimally disturbed tidal wetland sites in the lower Columbia River: Ilwaco Slough, Welch Island, Whites Island, Campbell Slough, and Franz Lake (left).

More specifically, this program aims to:

  1. Inventory different types of habitats.
  2. Track ecosystem and hydrology trends in these habitats.
  3. Provide reference sites: ideal end points for habitat restoration projects.
  4. Analyze how management actions impact the broader Lower Columbia ecosystem.


Whites Island
Monitoring at Franz Lake

Data is collected on fish and fish prey, habitat, hydrology, food web, abiotic site conditions, and mainstem river conditions. The most recent results and management implications can be found in the most recent report. Older reports are located in our Research Database.

This program is funded by Bonneville Power Administration.