School Year Programs

The Estuary Partnership provides no-cost science programs to schools in the lower Columbia region of Oregon and Washington. Our programs combine classroom and field studies to increase student understanding of local ecology and environmental issues.

Since 2000, the Estuary Partnership has provided environmental education programs and hands-on outdoor learning experiences to more than 3,000 Oregon and Washington students each year. To request a program* for your class or school, submit a Program Request. We began accepting requests for the 2024-2025 school year on May 15th 

*Program offerings may change each year. Space is limited.

Classroom Lessons

Four students collaborate on a science activity

Our hands-on science lessons support field programs and teacher goals, and are aligned with NGSS standards. We typically deliver two to three, 1-hour lessons as part of a unit for grades 3-6. Units are tied to field trip activities and grant funded opportunities for the year.

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Field Trips

students hiking in forest

While locations and activities vary, field trips are designed to connect students to a local natural area and bring science concepts and classroom lessons to life. Often, trips include a service component where students help implement a restoration project to improve habitat and water quality.

Watch a video about our field trip with Camas students that was sponsored by Camas-Washougal Community Chest:

students look through binoculars at Gibbons Creek
students dissect a small trout
student kneels down to plant a small conifer tree
student wears a lifejacket and smiles, eager for a canoe paddle
students crouch down to examine stream bugs
happy students hold up an invasive plant they pulled out by the roots
three students examine a bird guide together