Learning with Vancouver Lake

Vancouver Lake Illustration
The Vancouver Lake natural area offers many unique opportunities to learn about natural history, observe wildlife and engage in science learning at the local scale.  This page provides resources for educators in the Vancouver area who wish to enrich their classroom learning with place-based education. 


Visit some of our our favorite park features with the Experience Vancouver Lake map (también en español) designed by our friends at Super Nature Adventure!

  • Participate in our Vancouver Lake Education program 

    Our Vancouver Lake Education program is a FREE, comprehensive, experiential science education program for Vancouver area students that builds awareness and appreciation for Vancouver Lake. Schoolyear programming includes classroom science lessons and service-learning field trips for 3-5th grades to Vancouver Lake Regional Park. Interested in bringing our education program to your school? Submit a request from our Schoolyear Programs page

  • On-line Ecology Lessons

    Our science lessons support on-line learning and are suitable for synchronous and asynchronous work. Lessons were developed for 4th and 5th grade students and the complete collection can be accessed by following this link. 

    Featured Lessons

    Vancouver Lake: Freshwater Ecosystems - A suite of lessons that provide students the opportunity to interact with grade level reading, an article from the local newspaper, sentence frame language supports for writing, academic vocabulary, discussion prompts, interactive slides and thoughtfully selected video clips. 

    Reader's Theater: Vancouver Lake - Reader's Theater is similar to a play, but the performance is in a classroom rather than a stage with a set. Student's practice reading various parts to build fluency, expression, and the ability to visualize what they are reading. In this script, students learn about the power of community and importance of stakeholders when making land and water use decisions. 

    Food Webs: Choose Your Own Adventure - Students take a virtual tour of Vancouver Lake Park through a "choose your own adventure" format. Students are introduced to food web concepts as they encounter a variety of plants and animals in the park. The Food Web Companion Activity lets students put their knowledge to work building a local food web.   



  • Visit Vancouver Lake Park

    Vancouver Lake Regional Park stretches 2.5 miles along the west shore of Vancouver Lake. The park includes developed areas with shelters, restrooms and a playground, and natural areas for strolling and spotting wildlife. To learn more about the park and plan your visit, check out the Clark County park info page.  You can also enjoy a nature walk with our educators with our Virtual Field Trip.

    Be sure to download a copy of our Experience Vancouver Lake map (Descubre El Lago Vancouver) for your next visit.

  • Downloadable Resources


Our Vancouver Lake Education program  and the materials available here are made possible thanks to financial contributions from City of Vancouver, Port of Vancouver and Clark County. Thank you to our partners for supporting science learning and community engagement!