At Sitton School in North Portland, a partnership between the Estuary Partnership, Depave, and the school community gave students a greener schoolyard.
Sitton before

North Portland’s Sitton School had a lot of outside space, but they didn’t have a good place for students to learn about environmental science topics like native plants or how polluted stormwater affects the nearby Willamette River. 

The photo to the left is what the area looked like before the project. 


In 2019, we worked with the school and nonprofit Depave to remove around 3,000 square feet of asphalt from their schoolyard. Many community members and school families pitched in to help rip up the pavement together.

Depaving Sitton School
students shovel dirt on the roots of a pine

The Oregon Landscape Contractors Association donated their time and the materials to prepare the depaved area for planting, and built a path through it so that students would have more access.

The area was also planted with native trees and other vegetation to provide shade, filter stormwater, and provide an area for students to learn about native habitats and green infrastructure on their school grounds.

In addition, trees were planted elsewhere throughout the Sitton schoolyard thanks to Portland Parks and Recreation's Urban Forestry Learning Landscapes Program. Kindergarten students even got to pitch in!


Project Partners

Depave logo   Oregon Landscape Contractors Association 

 Portland Public Schools   Juncus Studio    Portland Parks and Recreation

+ Sitton School and Sitton School PTA


Project Funder

Portland Bureau of Environmental Services

path through a rain garden planted with shrubs and trees