Rainier Boat Launch

The Estuary Partnership teamed up with the City of Rainier to add stormwater features to the city boat ramp, protecting the Columbia River from hundreds of thousands of gallons of polluted runoff each year.
large parking lot by the Columbia River

The boat ramp in Rainier, Oregon is popular with fisherfolk and recreational boaters who want to get out on the Columbia River. But its parking lot had nothing to treat polluted runoff from the sizeable parking lot and adjacent roads. 

Instead, when it rained the stormwater ran a mere 700 feet directly into the Columbia River.

pipe draining stormwater directly into the Columbia River
people walk along a sidewalk with a new rain garden on each side

In 2023, the Estuary Partnership worked with the City of Rainier, Juncus Studio, and Verde Builds to design and construct two stormwater facilities at the Rainier boat launch.  

The project is estimated to treat 442,323 gallons of stormwater per year to reduce toxics in the Columbia River.

Rainier before aerial

Rainier stormwater aerial post

Before (left) and After (right)


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Rainier planted