Grattix Box Project

The Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership is offering Grattix boxes to businesses along the Columbia River from Scappoose to Longview. 

Grattix boxes are a simple, innovative stormwater solution to reduce zinc and copper from roof runoff. Designed by the Port of Vancouver, the Grattix box is essentially an above-ground rain garden in a box. 

The Estuary Partnership is providing free Grattix boxes to businesses along the Columbia River from Scappoose, Oregon to Longview, Washington, to help them meet state requirements for stormwater discharge. In tests, the Grattix box has shown it can reduce zinc runoff by up to 95% and copper by 85%.

Grattix box installation is as simple as shortening a downspout and sliding the box underneath. They are movable with a forklift. The only maintenance required is to replace the 3-inch mulch layer at the top.




Grattix box
Grattix boxes in a row

If you would like more information about this project or know of a qualifying business that might be interested in a free Grattix box, contact Stormwater Project Manager Aaron Guffey by email or at (971) 380-3790.

The Grattix boxes being offered were built in collaboration with Oregon State University. Thank you students!

The costs of the fully assembled Grattix boxes and shipping are funded by a grant from the U.S. EPA through the Columbia River Basin Restoration Program. 

Grattix cross section