ClackaCraft Drift Boats

In 2020, the Estuary Partnership worked with ClackaCraft Drift Boats to treat runoff from their parking lot before it flowed into the nearby Clackamas River.


Workers excavate area for a raingarden

ClackaCraft Drift Boats is located on a busy state highway in a heavily developed area of Clackamas County.

As a boat business, they wanted to make a change to help water quality for the nearby Clackamas River. When the Estuary Partnership reached out about a retrofit for their parking lot, they jumped at the opportunity. 

In 2020, with the help of designer Juncus Studio and crews from Verde Builds, we completed a 480 square foot rain garden along ClackaCraft's parking lot.

This retrofit will infiltrate stormwater from their building and parking lot to reduce the polluted runoff that flows into the Clackamas River.

The project was possible thanks to funding from the Clackamas County RiverHealth Stewardship Program.

worker finishes planting grasses in a new raingarden
rain pools in the stormwater swale, in the background are drift boats set up by the shop

Project Contractors

Juncus Studio       Verde Builds

Project Funder

Clackamas County Water Environment Services