At Home Science and Nature Activities

The Estuary Partnership Education Team has been staying at home, like most of you. So we've been thinking of activities to keep you and your "littles" engaged in learning about science and nature in and around your home. Here are some ideas!


Plant Challenge

Can YOU drink as much water as a house plant? Andy shows us this fun and hydrating challenge. Learn the connection between plants soaking up water and healthy rivers!



Make Your Own Bird Feeders

Paige shows you three different ways you can make your own bird feeder with things you probably already have around your home!



Meet a Plant Monday

Anne Marie kicks off this weekly series on native plants that you might find in your neighborhood. Meet Red Flowering Currant!

Paige gives an introduction to a native deciduous tree with giant leaves: the Big Leaf Maple!

McKenzie introduces Thimbleberry, with its big soft leaves and tasty red berries. 

Meet Oregon grape! Sam (& Sabine) introduce us to Oregon's state flower and it's cheery bright yellow flowers. 

Meet Pacific ninebark! Andy introduces us to this moisture-loving shrub.

Paige introduces us to Nootka Rose, a hardy wild rose native to the Pacific Northwest. Find its blooms around your neighborhood May through July!

Anne Marie introduces us to Douglas Spirea or Rose Spirea. This fast growing shrub is common along streams and in wetlands, but you might also spot its poofy spikes of pink flowers in your neighborhood.

Anne Marie introduces us to this native broadleaf evergreen shrub. It thrives in shade and is common alongside trails. Its dark berries make a delicious snack, and the leaves have many medicinal uses to native tribes.



Celery Experiment

Kiddo and colored celery, credit

Your kids can learn about transpiration through this fun and hands-on activity, using stalks of celery and food coloring. Find the step-by-step instructions and video on



Nature Webcams

No matter the age, students can learn much about something through the skill of observation. By watching animals on a live webcam, kids can make discoveries about animal habitat & adaptations, what they eat, how they raise their young, and much more! Find a list of 25 great animal observation webcams on And download our handy Animal Observations Worksheet to keep track of their observations.