2014 Columbia River Estuary Workshop Presentations


May 28

May 29

May 30

Keynote Address

John Shurts, Northwest Power and Conservation Council

Session 1: Columbia River Basin/Estuary Issues

António M. BaptistaCharles Seaton, Kurt Fresh, Dan Bottom, Jessica Miller, Krista Jones,
Hans Moritz, Cynthia Studebaker and Rob Lothrop
Rian vanden Hooff
Karen Adams, Amy Puls and Josh Johnson
Elena Nilsen and Jennifer Morace

Session 2: Endangered Species Act (ESA) Listed Species Recovery

Cat Brown
Hannah Anderson and Matt Stevenson
James M. Barron, Ronald G. Twibell, Heidi A. Hill, Kyle C. Hanson and Ann L. Gannam

Keynote Address

George Waldbusser, Oregon State University

Session 2: Endangered Species Act (ESA) Listed Species Recovery (cont'd)

Bill Peterson, Cheryl Morgan, Jay Peterson and Jennifer Fisher
David Teel, Brian Burke, David Kuligowski, Cheryl Morgan, Donald Van Doornik and
Laurie Weitkamp
Andrew M. Claiborne, Jessica A. Miller, Laurie A. Weitkamp, David J. Teel and Robert L. Emmett
Richard D. Brodeur, Julia N. Adams, Elizabeth A. Daly and Todd W. Miller
Jessica Miller, David J. Teel, William T. Peterson, Antonio Baptista
Jeannette E. Zamon, Elizabeth M. Phillips, Troy J. Guy, Daniel D. Roby, Don E. Lyons, Ken Collis,
Allen Evans and Jennifer M. Mannas
Laurie Weitkamp, Tom Good, Don Lyons and Dan Roby
Elizabeth A. Daly, Julie A. Scheurer, Richard D. Brodeur, Laurie A. Weitkamp, Jessica A. Miller and Brian R. Beckman
Life History Strategies of Selected Chinook Salmon Spawning Populations in the Columbia River, as Inferred From Otolith Microchemistry -
Lance Campbell, Jamie Lamperth, Andrew Claiborne, Dan Bottom, Curtis Roegner, Mara Zimmerman, Dan Rawding, Cameron Sharpe and Bryce Glaser
Brian Burke, Bill Peterson, Cheryl Morgan, Jay Peterson, Jennifer Fisher and Kurt Fresh
Robert J. Magie, Matthew S. Morris, Bruce F. Jonnason, Richard D. Ledgerwood and Benjamin P. Sandford

Session 3: New Understanding of the Lower Columbia River Ecosystem

Lyndal Johnson, Paul Chittaro, Dan Lomax, Kate Macneale, O. Paul Olson, Sean Sol, David Teel, Gina Ylitalo and Jina Sagar
Whitney B. Temple and David R. Piatt
Role of Phytoplankton Parasites in Food Webs of the Columbia River Estuary -
Michelle A. Maier, Joseph A. Needoba and Tawnya D. Peterson
Christopher Nygaard, Gary Brunner and James Crain

Keynote Address

Geology of Lower Columbia River -
Jim O’Connor, US Geologic Survey

Session 3: New Understanding of the Lower Columbia River Ecosystem (cont'd)

Modeling of Historical Columbia River Flood Impacts -
Lumas Helaire, Drew Mahedy, Dr. Stefan A. Talke

Session 4: Lessons from Ecological Restoration Projects

Curtis J. Loeb, Jeremy P. Lowe and Robert Battalio
River Restoration for a Changing Climate -
Tim Beechie, Mathias Collins, Robert Dudley, Faith Fitzpatrick, Glenn Hodgkins, Laura Perry, George Pess, Lindsay Reynolds, Phil Roni and Pat Shafroth
Restoration of Cold Water Refugia in the Columbia River Estuary -
Chris Collins, Keith Marcoe, Paul Kolp, and Catherine Corbett
Exploring the Ecosystem and Salmon Habitat Functions of Large-River Floodplain Marshes with Altered Disturbance Regimes -
Heida L. Diefenderfer, Amy B. Borde, Valerie I. Cullinan, Lyndal L. Johnson and G. Curtis Roegner
Improving Wetland Capacity through Integration of Science and Restoration in the Lower Columbia River and Estuary -
Amy B. Borde, Heida L. Diefenderfer, Valerie I. Cullinan, Ronald M. Thom, Shon A. Zimmerman, Jina Sagar, Catherine Corbett, and Matthew Schwartz
An Evidence-Based Evaluation of the Cumulative Effects of Tidal Freshwater and Estuarine Ecosystem Restoration on Endangered Juvenile Salmon in the Columbia River -
Heida Diefenderfer, Gary Johnson, Ron Thom, Amy Borde, Christa Woodley, Laurie Weitkamp, Kate Buenau and Roy Kropp
Particulate Organic Matter Export from a Restored Tidal Freshwater Wetland in the Columbia River Estuary -
Ronald Thom, Stephen Breithaupt, Curtis Roegner, Dana Woodruff and Gary Johnson
Estuary Restoration Planning for Fish and Wildlife: North Unit, Sauvie Island Wildlife Area (SIWA) -
Allan Whiting, Curt Mykut, Tom Josephson, Mark Nebeker, Curtis Loeb, Brad Bales and Scott Gall
Changes in Tidal Hydraulics at Crims Island in Response to Restoration Activities -
Hans R. Moritz, Chris Nygaard, Cynthia Studebaker, Andy Goodwin, Bertrand Lemasson and Kim Pevey