Who We Are

We are a partnership that is advancing science, protecting ecosystems, and building connections to sustain the lower Columbia River estuary. Located on the lower Columbia between the states of Oregon and Washington, we are one of 28 National Estuary Programs in the United States working to improve the health of a nationally significant estuary. We are a 501c3 non profit organization supported by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the states of Oregon and Washington and numerous other public and private entities. The Estuary Partnership includes all who live, work or recreate in the lower Columbia and estuary and are committed to its health and vitality.


Science, restoration and helping people understand the river - look at what we have accomplished with our partners since 1999.

Where We Are

The lower Columbia River serves as the border between Oregon and Washington as it flows to the Pacific Ocean. We work along the lower 146 miles of the Columbia River from the Bonneville Dam to the Pacific Ocean.

Our Partners

We are a thriving partnership of people, governments, businesses, schools, and more, who are working to protect and restore the Columbia River.