State of the Estuary Reports

The Lower Columbia River

Our 2020 State of the Estuary Report was released in December 2020 and generally covers the years 2015 through 2020. Unlike previous editions, this report was produced as a series of online, interactive storymaps.

We update the five indicators from previous reports: Habitat, Land Use, Endangered Species, Water Quality, and Connecting People with the Columbia. Threats from climate change pervade each of these indicators.

Report cover shows woman kayaking the Columbia under crepuscular rays

Our 2015 Report on the Estuary was released in November 2015. It is a five-year assessment (2010-2015) of our progress to improve the overall health of the lower Columbia River. It gives us the opportunity to take a broad look at the state of the river so we can focus future investments where they can be most effective.

We tracked the same five measures as our previous two reports, and added two additional topics of concern in the lower river: climate change and toxic contaminants.

Our 2010 Report on the Estuary covered our progress on improving the health of the lower river from 2005-2010. 

We tracked five measures: water quality, land cover trends, citizen engagement, habitat restoration and endangered species. The Estuary Partnership is involved with all these efforts, sometimes supporting existing entities and sometimes leading implementation.

Report Cover shows an osprey nesting on a river piling

Our 2005 Report on the Estuary covered the state of the Columbia River from 2000-2005, as well as efforts to improve river's waters and habitat. Five specific indicators were tracked: endangered species, water quality, habitat, land use, and education about the river.