Cora Bordley

Cora has been in love with environmental education since her 7th grade Outdoor School experience. She has a passion for helping students understand their place in their local environments and their everyday connections to the natural world. In addition to teaching, Cora loves building relationships with her students and encouraging their curiosity. She has a background in geography at the University of Oregon and has found a passion for equity and inclusion in the outdoor recreation industry while working for the University of Oregon Outdoor Program in her junior and senior years. She is

Education Programs


The Estuary Partnership Education Program builds environmental curiosity and knowledge, empowers citizens to make a difference in their communities, and fosters a personal connection to the lower Columbia River. Our Educators: Deliver developmentally appropriate science lessons and field trips based on best teaching practices; Increase student understanding of local biodiversity, the interconnectedness of all living things, and the unique role humans play in the environment; Provide safe, land and water-based opportunities for individuals to experience and explore their local watershed; Engage

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#8: Our Orca Connection


We can’t recover orca until we first recover salmon.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee

orca pod jump out of the waterPacific Northwesterners love our orcas. To coastal Tribal people, orcas are cousins, a sign representing power, luck, the strength of love and family, and are the guardians of the sea. The Southern Resident Killer Whales (J, K and L pods), in particular, have captured the hearts of locals throughout Washington and Oregon.

Though they rarely ever enter the Columbia River, the Southern Residents dine on almost exclusively on salmon, and Chinook from the Columbia-Snake River system make up more than

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26 Reasons to Love the Lower Columbia


The Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership is celebrating our 26th birthday! In 2020, we had hoped to celebrate our milestone 25th anniversary, but COVID threw a wrench in that, as it did with so many plans. But now we are one year older and wiser. And we want to share with you some of the things that we think are so great about our river and its people. 

Now we know that there are many, many reasons to love the lower Columbia. But throughout the year, we will be sharing 26 of our favorites. Email and tell us yours!

#1: We are Improving Stormwater Management

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