We stand in solidarity


George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery were killed because of systemic racism. These acts of appalling racism are not new, nor are they isolated. The harm and the trauma caused by white domination has existed for too long. The injustices that Black people have experienced in this country for over 400 years are staring at us – again – still, begging us to be better than this. Every Black person has the right to walk through this world free from fear, harassment and harm. Every Black child has the right to a safe world.

The Board of Directors and staff of the Lower Columbia Estuary

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Science Work Group


The Science Work Group is a forum to exchange scientific information about the estuary.

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At Home Science and Nature Activities


The Estuary Partnership Education Team has been staying at home, like most of you. So we've been thinking of activities to keep you and your "littles" engaged in learning about science and nature in and around your home. Here are some ideas!

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Water Trail Safety Guide


The rapid onset of high winds, fog, storms and other dramatically changing conditions on the lower Columbia can transform a seemingly easy paddle into a dangerous, and even life-threatening, situation. Be prepared for the worst scenario and make safety a priority when planning your trip. Adequate preparation is critical to safe paddling. Be prepared for the worst scenario and make safety a priority when planning your trip. Check out the information below for resources.

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Vanessa Bird

Vanessa re-joined the Estuary Partnership in April 2012 after working for three years at the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah as Project Coordinator for the Behavioral Care Department. She previously worked for the Estuary Partnership for seven years on development and communications activities. She cultivates community and corporate partnerships, researches and writes grants, and oversees communications and events. One of her primary roles is helping expand the organization's involvement with diverse communities. She also supports legislative activity on both the state and federal level. She has