Ecosystems Interactions PowerPoint


Illustrate human impacts on the complex lower Columbia River ecosystem using this high school level PowerPoint.

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Schoolyard Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger Hunts are a great way to explore your local area and an opportunity to get kids outside!

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How-To Create a Schoolyard Map


Have fun exploring your campus with a schoolyard map!

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Schoolyard Stormwater Map Activity


In this outdoor activity students map their schoolyard and calculate the area of permeable and impermeable surfaces. Students also determine the annual average volume of rainfall on school grounds.

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Animal Tracks Kit


The Animal Tracks kit has materials for students to learn about track patterns and gaits, make their own tracks, and develop skills to identify tracks in the wild.

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Water Quality Sampling Kit


The Water Quality Sampling kit contains basic equipment to test physical and chemical properties of your local waterway.

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Explore Birds Kit


The Explore Birds kit provides materials to support and enrich a unit on birds.

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Macroinvertebrates Sampling Kit


This Macroinvertebrates Sampling kit provides everything you need to lead an exciting, hands-on stream bug investigation with your students.

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Plant Press Kit


Category: Plants This simple plant press is a fun way for students to preserve plant specimens. The press consists of two 12 x 18" plywood frames that ensure uniform pressure. The kit includes compression straps, and 12 "pages" (cardboard for drying and ventilation). CHECK OUT: Kits may be checked out for two weeks and are available from our Portland office. We may be able to arrange a delivery or pick-up.

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