Illustrated Nature Scavenger Hunt


This is a fun and easy outdoor activity for ages K-5. The pictures make it easy to understand and clue students into where to look for wildlife. The hunt motivates students to look closer at their surroundings so that discoveries can be made that otherwise would have been missed. Can be done on a forest walk or in a wooded park next to school.

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Food Web Class


The Food Web class provides materials to support and enrich a unit on food webs. The lesson introduced the idea of trophic levels (producers, primary consumers, etc.). Students then can explore a variety of real life food chains, putting them in order and recording their connections to create a map of the complex food web in their ecosystem.

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Native and Invasive Plant Lesson


This lesson familiarizes students with native and invasive species of plants found in the local area. Students learn what makes naitive plants so important for wildlife and why invasive plants are so good at taking over.

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Schoolyard Plant Scavenger Hunt Lesson


And easy lesson to get students outside learning about plants in their own neighborhood. Students practice observation and measurment skills.

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