Lower Columbia River Ecosystem Restoration Program - Draft Report 04/2013

This guide to the Lower Columbia River Ecosystem Restoration Program provides a description of the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership’s Restoration Prioritization Strategy and ways to apply the Restoration Prioritization Strategy to enhance restoration in the lower river. Like the Restoration Prioritization Strategy, this guide includes goals and objectives of key partners within the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership (Estuary Partnership) umbrella. The Estuary Partnership includes local, state, federal and tribal government agencies; private sector interests; not-for-profit organizations and academia, as well as the general public. The Restoration Prioritization Strategy was developed within the framework of the Estuary Partnership Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (Management Plan).1 Like the Management Plan, this guide is a living document and will be updated as new information, research and results of monitoring emerge. The guide focuses on the mainstem and historic floodplain as well as tidally influenced portions of the tributaries from Bonneville Dam to the plume.
Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership