Three New Grants Support Students Learning About the Columbia

Three recent grant awards support the Estuary Partnership Education Program’s ongoing work to prepare our next generation to take care of the Columbia River. The Education Program engages elementary school students, offering classroom lessons on subjects such as watersheds, water quality, and native plants. The lessons come to life when the students then head outdoors to improve nearby natural areas and explore a local waterway in the Estuary Partnership canoes.

Recent grant awards include:
The Camas-Washougal Community Chest (CWCC) award helps bring our classroom and field programs to students in Camas and Washougal, Washington. Students are led on field trips to the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge where they explore the Refuge, apply science concepts in the field, and plant trees along Gibbons Creek to improve habitat for fish and wildlife.

The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) award supports the Meldrum Bar Restoration and Outreach Project to engage 700 students, teachers and community members with both classroom lessons and field experiences and then applying the lessons through a restoration project at Meldrum Bar Park.

The Outdoor Nation award supports the canoe paddle program to provide positive on water recreation experiences for kids, families and community organizations.

Link here to learn more about the Education Program.

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