Highlights from our Summer Recreation Leaders

We are fortunate to have two Summer Recreation Leaders to help lead Big Canoe paddles and support our environmental education programming, brothers Joshua and Jo’Sean Joseph. Some summer programming was delayed due to Covid, so our education team is delighted that these “Summer” Recreation Leaders will be continue working with the group this fall, too.  

Joshua and Jo-Sean spent a lot of their time with us on the water in the Big Canoes.   


Joshua in the stern of one of our Big Canoes
Joshua in the stern of one of our Big Canoes

“A highlight for me was learning to steer the Big Canoe and seeing people’s reactions to being on the water – many for the first time,” said Joshua Joseph, one of our Summer Recreation Leaders. “Spotting wildlife was also a highlight. From the canoe on the Willamette River, I saw an osprey and bald eagle battle it out for a fish! The eagle came out victorious – catching the fish mid-air after the osprey dropped it.” Joshua, 23, is also a student at Portland Community College, where he is studying Environmental Science.  

Jo’Sean Joseph, 18, credits his brother with getting him interested in nature and the environment. “The best part of being on the Big Canoes for me was the conversations with fellow paddlers,” shared Jo’Sean. “Getting the chance to develop connections and build community with people while paddling is the most important thing for me. I remember having an hourlong conversation with one paddler about fishing, crabbing, and where to get the best seafood. If we weren’t paddling together on the Big Canoe, we probably wouldn’t have had that conversation.” Jo'Sean is a freshman at Portland Community College studying Environmental Science.  

The Summer Recreation Leader positions were made possible by our collaboration with The Blueprint Foundation. 


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