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    Columbia River
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The Salt Hotel and Pub is located in the Port of Ilwaco business district on Howerton Avenue. 

From their website:

"Salt is an ideal place for your coastal adventure. Simple, modern rooms to rest and relax. Onsite pub, overlooking the Ilwaco harbor, serving local beer and seasonal food.

"Minutes from nature in every direction. To the North: 5 min from the Seaview Beach Approach & 7 min from the tourist town of Long Beach. To the South: literally 15 ft from the Port of Ilwaco & mouth of the Columbia River. To the East: 17 min from Fort Columbia State park & 24 min from Astoria. To the West: 2 min to the terminus of the Discovery Coast Trail & 10 min to Cape Disappointment State Park.

"The rooms at Salt Hotel have been remodeled to balance comfort and simplicity. Memory foam mattresses, down duvets and quality linens all contribute to making your night restful. And keeping amenities, like mini fridges and hairdryers, available by request keeps your room clutter free and allows you to pick and choose what you need."




147 Howerton Ave.
Ilwaco, WA 98624
United States

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