Hosford Middle School Stormwater Project

Rainwater from the roof of Hosford Middle School in Southeast Portland will soak into a new swale instead of the city sewer, helping to support clean rivers. The project disconnects a downspout and directs approximately 4,600 square feet of roof area rain runoff to a swale at the northwest corner of the school. In addition to swale construction, the project includes student education in the classroom and in the field. The project supports the City of Portland's Tabor to the River program to reduce combined sewer overflows and restore watershed health.

DeSantis Landscapes broke ground in December 2012 and completed construction in mid-January. Later this winter, students will plant native shrubs, sedges, rushes and other water loving plants. Shortly after planting, the downspout will be disconnected and will flow into the swale. The Estuary Partnership will work with Hosford students for several years to maintain the swale and to provide education programs about clean rivers.

The swale, which includes a "bubbler" feature, was designed by GreenWorks PC with input from the school. Water from the roof will be routed to bubble up and out of a main column, at which point it will cascade down other columns to the bottom of the swale. The Hosford Stormwater Project is a joint effort between Hosford Middle School, the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership, and Portland Public Schools. Project supporters include the City of Portland, East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, and New Seasons Market.

For more information please contact Josh Holcomb at 503-226-1565 x221.