Salmon Survival Game Kit

The Salmon Survival Game Kit explores the amazing journey Salmon take as they develop and the way human actions affect their success.  Students use visuals to review the stages of Salmon growth and explore the factors that determine salmon success along the river and the ocean.  The lesson culminates by playing the Salmon Survival Board Game developed by the Estuary Partnership.  Students become schools of salmon heading down river trying to avoid losing fish along the way and gaining benefit from the natural habitat features they find.  After returning from the ocean to their starting stream the students with the most salmon left win.  Habitat restoration is illustrated using "get our of jail free" type cards which can be used to fix threat problems along the river and save more of their salmon.  The game is a fun way to familiarize students with the real life problems salmon face in their journey and as a way to compare stream health and discuss why restoration has a positive affect on fish survival.

CHECK OUT: Kits may be checked out for two weeks and are available from our  Portland office. We may be able to arrange a delivery or pick-up. 

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