Knappa Docks

NOAA Chart Number: 
River Mile: 
Reach Name: 
The Refuge
Launch Type: 
Launch Fee: 
Hours of Operation: 
Not posted
Tidal Influence: 
Launch is very steep at high tide.
Parking Fee: 
Parking Type: 
Knows as Knappa Docks because of the old barge that still exists. Launching from the dock is not advised. Use the small beach upstream of the dock, which can be difficult to launch from at high tide because most of the beach is under water.  The site provides excllent access to the Lewis and Clark Wildlife Refuge.
Launch Site Address: 
Knappa, OR
United States
Site Owner: 
Clatsop County
Environmental Notes: 
Landing and camping on any National Wildlife Refuge islands is strictly prohibited.
Safety Notes: 
Tides and currents can be very strong. Many old pilings dot the shoreline. The dock itself is falling apart and decrepit. Be extremely careful on and around dock.
ADA Notes: 
Historical Notes: