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The Lower Columbia River Water Trail web pages provides paddlers and others interested in experiencing the lower Columbia River with information about launch and landing sites, camp sites, lodging, restaurants and groceries, and sites of interest along the water trail as well as information about paddling stewardship, safety and resources. Explore, be safe, and have fun.

Big Canoes Help Celebrate Lake River National Trails Day Paddle

The Estuary Parntership has been helping Vancouver Clark Parks and Recreation create a Vancouver Lake-Lake River-Lewis River Water Trail. The new tributary water trail will connect to the Lower Columbia River Water Trail at a number of points, including in Ridgefield -where the Estuary Partnership's Big Canoes, the Chinook Canoe Itsxut, and dozens of kayaks gathered on June 2 to celebrate the water trail planning effort. See Vancouver Lake-Lake River Water Trail for more information. View Big Canoe Paddle Photos

Camp Sites

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Invasive Species Permit Needed


Paddling in Oregon Waters? You need an Invasive Species Permit!
All manually powered boats 10 feet and longer operating Oregon waterways now need to have on-board an Oregon State invasive species permit. Funds from the $7 permits will pay for programs designed to protect Oregon's waterways from invasive species. Additional information, such as purchase information is available at the Oregon State Marine Board.