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We're so excited to be included in the Willamette Week Give!Guide for the 2nd year! Give!Guide supports 141 of the best Portland metro-area non-profits - including the Estuary Partnership - helping them reach new audiences and encouraging folks to give. 
The Estuary Partnership is undertaking the first, large-scale effort to identify and map marine debris in the lower Columbia River from Bonneville Dam to the Pacific Ocean. We're tracking small to medium size marine debris (less than 35-feet) - things like tires, styrofoam blocks, small boats, machinery, and other material that may harm the river. We'll use this information to understand how big the problem is, and make a plan for how to clean it up.Submit your marine debris sightings here or view our marine debris map of the lower river here.
The Estuary Partnership is accepting proposals for habitat restoration projects in the lower Columbia River designed to improve the access and quality of rearing and refuge habitat for juvenile Pacific salmonds. Applications for this round are due on January 13, 2017. See our habitat restoration project funding page for details.