Lower Columbia River Field Guide to Water Quality Friendly Development
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Reduced Impervious Surfaces

Narrow or shared driveway
Narrow parking lot spaces
Narrow travel lanes

Permeable Surfaces

Permeable pavement
Permeable pavers
Turf block

Roof Systems
Roof garden

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Landscape Systems
Contained planter box
Infiltration planter box
Flow-through planter box
Vegetated/grassy swale
Vegetated filter strip
Vegetated infiltration basin
Sand filter

Subsurface Systems

Soakage trench/dry wells/French drain

Downspout disconnection
Curb alternatives



Technical information and local examples of 23 water quality friendly stormwater techniques and practices follow.

Technical information sheets are PDF documents created by the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services. They include detailed information on how the technique works, where it can be used, costs and maintenance. These documents can be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat software.

Local examples for each technique include, in most cases, photos of the technique, addresses, and a contact for more information.

Know of a development or site that uses water quality friendly stormwater management techniques? Submit the site for inclusion in the Field Guide!