Matthew Schwartz

Senior Research Scientist

Matthew joined the Estuary Partnership in 2012. He manages and implements the Action Effectiveness Monitoring Program and assists with various GIS tasks. Matthew manages our unmanned aircraft system applications. He assisted with the synthesis of several years of ecosystem monitoring data for fish, water quality, and macroinvertebrates; this helps to determine what food web factors are important to juvenile salmon survival. Matthew was the GIS District Lead for the Great Basin Institute Land Health Assessment Project in rural Battle Mountain, Nevada. He developed and evaluated GIS analysis models and collaborated with BLM staff to develop an effective monitoring strategy for Sage-Grouse habitat. Prior to that, he worked with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Data Technician and a Field Technician. He earned a M.S. from Oregon State University in Environmental Science and a B.S. in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston.