Zmrhal/Rauth Coweeman Restoration

The project is upstream of a geologic pinch point that forms a mid channel bar with several side channel areas. The Coweeman River has eroded the existing narrow forested buffer exposing alluvial soils in agriculture land use and has about abandoned the side channel habitat. A project conducted during 2006 slowed streambank erosion downstream and continued abandonment of the side channel habitat.


Fish passage barrier removal, restore native vegetation, improve water quality, restore rearing and refuge habitat for Col River coho salmon, fall Chinook salmon, and Steelhead trout.

Lower Dean Creek

The Lower Columbia River Fish Enhancement Group will use this grant to rehabilitate both sides of the lower .2 mile of Dean Creek and .3 mile of the east fork of the Lewis River. Work will include restoring 27 acres of floodplain riparian habitat on 52 acres owned by Clark County. Crews will place woody debris and plant more than 22,000 tress along nearly 1 mile of stream bank. The streams are home to several species of fish on the federal Endangered Species Act list, including Chinook, chum and coho salmon and steelhead.

Lockwood Creek Phase 3

Work will include placing tree root wads and logs in the creek to create places for fish to rest, feed and hide from predators; creating off-channel rearing habitat; and planting the creek banks. The site, which is at the junction of Lockwood and Riley Creeks, contains nearly .4 mile of stream and covers 12 acres of floodplain habitat. The creek is home to Chinook, coho and steelhead, all listed under the federal Endangered Species Act.

Lewis River East Fork - Clark County Floodplain Restoration

Clark County will use this grant to remove .37 mile of levee on the east fork of the Lewis River and fill associated drainage ditches that drain floodplain wetlands. These activities will restore the floodplain and the river's ability to migrate as well as restore wetland function and habitat. Crews will replant wetland and floodplain vegetation near the levee and filled ditch. Clark County will contribute $20,000 in cash and donated labor. associated drainage ditches that drain floodplain wetlands.