Culvert Removal

Ridgefield NWR - Post Office Lake

This project will restore hydrologic connection from the Post Office Lake floodplain wetland with the estuary while protecting privately owned farmland. The objective is to re-establish access and improve wetland function to approximately 80 acres of shallow water habitat for juvenile salmonids. Project Site Acres = 80.  This project is identified in the Fish & Wildlife Service Review of Conceptual Lower Columbia River Refuge Salmonid Restoration Projects

Honeyman Creek

This project restores hydrologic connection to 58 acres of wetland and 1.6 miles of slough by replacing three existing culverts with bridges and installing an additional culvert at a disconnected slough.  The floodplain site is located on the Malarkey Ranch south of Scappoose Bay in the Scappoose Bottomlands.  The project addresses a number of unimproved road crossings that traverse numerous sloughs and channels.  These crossings limit the site’s tidal connectivity with the Columbia River and fish access to the floodplain.

Dairy Creek 1135 - Sturgeon Lake

This project aims to improve water circulation in Sturgeon Lake.  The improvements to water circulation in Sturgeon Lake will improve access to the lake for juvenile salmon and trout from the Columbia River, providing seasonal over-wintering and rearing habitat.  The project would also reduce the sedimentation occurring in the lake and may enhance water quality by flushing out nutrients and bacteria.

Duck Creek

Wahkiakum County used this grant to build a new bridge to replace twin culverts on Duck Creek. The twin culverts had a drop at the outlet ends, limiting fish migration to Duck Creek habitat. The project will increase rearing and spawning habitat in Duck Creek by up to 98 percent, and fully open access to 2.8 miles of spawning and rearing habitat. In addition, a new bridge will help restore normal river processes, including sediment and woody debris transport, to reaches downstream. 

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Skamakowa Creek - Dead Slough Restoration

This project restores tidal influence to a historic tidal channel by replacing inlet and outlet structures, improving water quality, and providing access to salmonids. The project site is located in the tidally influenced portion of the Skamokawa River watershed, immediately north of the town of Skamokawa at Columbia River mile 32.  Dead Slough is a 2.2 mile historic tidal channel that was blocked off at both ends by tide gates, and replaced with a constructed channel cutting it off from tidal influence.

Project Elements completed to date:

Scappoose Bay - Malarkey Ranch Restoration

This project restores tidal and fish access to 0.5 miles of slough and additional wetland habitat by replacing two existing culverts with bridges.  Subsequent restoration on the site (see Honeyman Creek project) opened up the remaining habitat not impacted by this project.  The Malarkey Ranch site is located in the Scappoose Bottomlands, south of Scappoose Bay.  The project improved a number of road crossings that traverse the numerous sloughs and channels located within the site.  These

Perkins Creek Restoration and Enhancement

This project includes stream and floodplain modifications along a 0.27 mile length of Perkins Creek. Proposed modifications will enhance approximately 1.1 acres of stream channel and wetland habitat. The conceptual design contains three significant components to restore natural stream processes and increase stream complexity to enhance habitat:

1) Culvert removal and replacement with natural channel

2) Culvert replacement

3) Riparian zone replanting with native vegetation