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The Estuary Partnership is soliciting proposals for construction of a habitat restoration project at the US Forest Service owned Sandy River Delta – Thousand Acres property. The project consists of fish passage improvements, floodplain channel and wetland habitat enhancements that will benefit multiple species, including ESA listed salmonids. The mandatory pre-proposal meeting will be held at the Rooster Rock State Park office on May 27th at 12:30 PM, and will include a tour of the project site. Proposals must be submitted before 4:00 PM on June 12 to be considered.
Last year the Estuary Partnership was one of the winners in Outdoor Nations Best Paddlesports Project competition and we're profiled in the new video that highlights last year's winners. Winners represent Outdoor Nation's view of the best 2013 paddlesport projects that connect young Americans to thier waterways through recreational paddling. The Estuary Partnership, through our Big Canoe program, provides thousands of students and community members with an opportunity to paddle the lower Columbia River and other water bodies each year. Thanks to Outdoor Nation for their past support - and for this year's grant program.
The every two-year Columbia Estuary Workshop is back and registration is open! Reserve your space now for the latest Columbia River estuary science and research, posters, and networking. And thanks to the Workshop Sponsors, the event is once again the best deal on the river: free!To go directly to registration click here: Registration:
To more information on the Columbia River Estuary Workshop visit the CREW Home Page:
Please consider submitting an abstract for the 2014 Columbia River Estuary Workshop: Forging Links in the Columbia River Estuary (CREW). The biennial workshop will be held May 28-30, 2014 at the Liberty Theater in Astoria, Oregon. Abstracts are due February 28, 2014.The theme of the 2014 workshop is "Forging Links in the Columbia River Estuary"; bringing together people with interest of the lower Columbia River and estuary, plume, and nearshore ocean to highlight new findings and perspectives from species recovery, restoration, research and monitoring efforts and resulting implications.
Aquatic Contracting LLC joins the Estuary Partnership as a Corporate Leader for the Columbia.  Aquatic Contracting is committed to restoring and enhancing habitat throughout the Northwest through consulting and contracting services for stream and wetland restoration.  Thank you Aquatic Contracting for your support!
We are partnering with Clark County to restore floodplain habitat on two parcels they own along the East Fork Lewis River. This project near La Center, Washington will restore important habitat for salmon, steelhead and other wildlife. The feasibility study and conceptual designs are complete and we are ready to move into the final design phase in 2014!Link to the Columbian story here.   
Grab your camera! The King Tide Photo Initiative is an international project that involves volunteers to document areas that are inundated by the "king tides" that occur each year. King tides are natural events caused by predictable astronomical factors that result in tides that are higher than most high tides. Areas affected by king tides are susceptible to higher water levels from increased wave heights, winter storms and changes in sea levels. The project is working to document the impacts of sea level rise. You can join in by  taking and sharing photographs of this winter’s especially high tides.
In July, the States of Oregon and Washington adopted a new “green” janitorial supplies contract, taking a major step to reduce toxic chemicals in government agencies and schools. Common cleaners such as disinfectants, floor and countertop cleaners, and bathroom soaps contain toxic chemicals that do everything from irritating skin to disrupting hormonal balance in fish. These cleaners are linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity.
In October, U.S. Representatives Blumenauer (OR) and  Herrera Beutler (WA) introduced the Fundamentally Improving Salmon Habitat Act (FISH). This legislation would allow the U.S. Army Corps to use existing funds for grants to local groups who work on habtitat restoration, inlcuding the Estuary Partnership.Link to The Columbian story here.Read Op-Ed by Representative Herrera Beutler.
Today the Estuary Partnership Board of Directors and staff said thank you to our outgoing Board Chairman, Steve Harvey, for his dedication and service to the Estuary Partnership and the lower Columbia River.

Steve has been advocating and helping guide the Estuary Partnership since 1996, serving first on our Management Committee and then Board of Directors. We appreciate his steadfast leadership as our Chairman the last two years.

Thank you Steve!