Marine Debris Webmap

The Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership is undertaking the first, large-scale effort to identify and map marine debris in the lower Columbia River from Bonneville Dam to the Pacific Ocean. Specifically we're tracking small to medium size marine debris (less than 35-feet). We're looking for and tracking things like tires, styrofoam blocks, small boats, machinery, and other material that may harm recreational resources, habitats, and species. During a one-day pilot survey in late summer 2016, we identified more than 100 examples of marine debris in a 30-mile section of the river between Kalama and Portland.

Now we need your help! The lower Columbia River stretches 146 miles and includes hundreds of miles of shoreline. River users and recreationalists spend a lot of time on the river and see a lot of shoreline. We're asking you to keep your eyes out for marine debris, take a photo, note your location including gps coordinates if possible, and submit your information through our Marine Debris Submittal Form. We'll add your data to the map below, which will help us quantify the amount, type, and location of marine debris - and to develop clean up projects.
The map shows confirmed marine debris locations along the lower Columbia River. Click any point for information and photos.